Host a Retreat in Sparkford Hall, Somerset

Hosting retreats is a beautiful part of running any organization, regardless of its purpose. Retreats are a great way to spread a message or form a personal bond with your audience. Organizations like festivals, parties, or holistic groups benefit greatly from these kinds of get-togethers.

The location you choose for these retreats is incredibly important and will gauge the whole event. First impressions are everything, and unfortunately people do tend to judge books by their covers. Having a beautiful venue will start your guests’ experiences off positively before the retreat even starts.


Because the location is so important to the success of your retreat, it’s important to choose a place that packs its punches and delivers on every promise and then some. Features such as accommodation, catering and atmosphere contribute to the quality of your venue. You’ll want to make sure your venue delivers on everything you require so that your guests will have an enjoyable experience throughout the retreat.

Retreat in Somerset

Luckily, there is a venue that knows and delivers on every feature you could need for your retreat – a venue that can turn your retreat into a paradise. Host a retreat with us in Somerset at Sparkford Hall for an experience that both you and your guests will never forget. You’ll be left speechless by Sparkford Hall, and we couldn’t blame you! Somerset delivers quality that simply doesn’t compare to any other place, and that’s a pretty amazing thing that you’ll just have to see for yourself in order to truly appreciate.

The best part about retreats at Sparkford Hall is that our venue is adaptable to whatever your experience needs from us. Need something mainstream? We can fit that. Need something a little out of the norm? We can fit that, too. The hall is located on a whole 23 acres of land that can be decorated and changed to complement any theme and any purpose you need.

Features of Sparkford Hall

When you Retreat in Somerset, Sparkford Hall is the perfect venue for all your needs. Do you need a lot of outdoor space for your festival or concert? We’ve got 23 acres full of outdoor space for you to play with. Need to be able to provide housing for your guests during the time of your retreat? We’ve got that too!

We also have yoga classes, a sauna, beautiful gardens and top notch professional chefs to provide you with any kind of food you need for your event – whether that be midnight snacks or brunch – right from our very own organic food garden. If you need it, we probably have it!

Accommodation at Sparkford Hall

Perhaps the biggest concern organization leaders have when planning a retreat that will last multiple days is having or not having proper accommodation for guests who will be travelling. At Sparkford Hall, you don’t have to worry about that at all! Our venue includes more than enough Accommodation at Sparkford Hall.

With eleven bedrooms and ten bathrooms in the main house that can accommodate 26 people you can also include our cottage which offers even more experiences as it over looks our beautiful walled garden, this takes accommodation to 38 people. We have many more in our nontraditional options like our bell tents, teepees, yurts, and caravans. You can even opt for special services and have us decorate the rooms according to your retreat’s theme. The bedrooms inside have both double and twin bed options, along with a room that has six bunk beds for more child-like accommodation (perfect for the child at heart, too!).

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