Unusual Weddings in Somerset at Sparkford Hall

Unusual Weddings in Somerset at Sparkford Hall

Are you planning to hold an unusual wedding in Somerset? Sparkford Hall is the perfect venue for that. The Hall is a truly special place for your wedding. It is just a 2-hour drive from London and is located in a quiet and scenic area. The hall is set on 23 acres of pristine land that can be tweaked to suit the theme of your marriage ceremony.


What You Can Expect

Firstly, if you are in need of a place that assures you of a nice, private wedding, this place is perfect. The house itself has 11 bedrooms, which can accommodate 28 people overnight. That means the bridal party will not have to look for alternative accommodation. It also ensures that close family members coming from far away will not need to look for accommodation. There are also some cool special offers for our clients.

For those seeking for a place to relax during and after the unusual wedding event, there is a well-manicured garden within the property that is perfect for that. The walled garden has some beautiful and exotic flower bushes that you will have fun exploring and admiring.

Another way to relax is to visit the sauna located within this property. It is a nice way for the different parties to bond after the wedding ceremony. It is the perfect place to relax with the friends as the couple goes off on their honeymoon. That way, they can get to know each other more. If they are lucky, some may even come back for their ceremony at this wonder venue in Somerset. Besides the sauna, there is also a table tennis room. It is another great way for people to bond as they have some fun. The room is open to guests upon request.

About the Bedrooms

All the bedrooms have been furnished with huge comfortable beds and thick duvets. The line used on them is of high quality. There is also plenty of hanging space and drawers. These are especially awesome for those who are coming in from far with lots of luggage.

Bedrooms can be made up as double or twin formats in case you have many guests arriving. There is also a 6-bed bunk-style room, which is perfect for the young kids. If you need each bedroom decorated in a unique theme, it can be done. Some extra treats and surprises can also be added in each room for your guests.

The Catering

Catering is provided at this wonderful venue for hire in Somerset. The venue has private professional chefs who have experience preparing meals for many guests. They prepare everything you need. Whether you need the chefs for breakfast, canapés, supper, midnight snacks, and much more, they can prepare it to the highest standard. In short, you will get access to your own private mansion and a slew of professionals for the duration you hire this venue.

No matter the cuisine you like, the chefs are up to it. Additionally, if you would like to enjoy some of the local cuisines of the area, they will oblige. For instance, they are quite famous for making some tasty hog roast. The drinks are also available at the venue. You will have the opportunity to choose the kind of drinks that you would like your guests to have.

Planning the Whole Event

If this is your first time being at the helm of such a huge event, you want to ensure that everything goes perfectly. That is why this venue has an in-house planner. The planner will work with you no matter the kind of theme you have for your event.

The best part about using the in-house planner is that he or she has years of experience working with this particular venue. Thus, we know what will work and what does not go so nicely. Trust us to do the best we can with our in-house planner to make it a memorable event in the most wonderful way possible.

Other Activities

At Sparkford Hall, we want to ensure that your guests stay as entertained as possible. That is why we have so many activities from which to choose from. Depending on how long you plan to use the event, we can arrange for team building activities, archery, falconry, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, pheasant shooting, and much more. However, make sure you send the request early on as some planning is needed.

The Entertainment Options

If you are looking for a place to throw a party after the event, there is a nightclub in the basement of this place. The nightclub is quite; it can accommodate about 50 of the visitors who will attend the event.

For those who want to arrive in style, there is a helicopter landing space. For extra accommodation, there are tents, which visitors can spend the night in. It is an awesome way to make the event more memorable.

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